glossary of social security terms ssa

A.Advance designation allows you to elect up to three individuals who could serve as a representative payee for you ifB.An official religious record of your birth or baptism.In some situations,we can use a baptismal certificate toC.A legally adopted child.An equitably adopted child.A stepchild.A dependent grandchild orMore Glossary of Social Security Terms SSA

Was this helpful?People also askWhat are the pros to socail security?What are the pros to socail security?List of the Pros of Social SecurityGlossary of Social Security Terms It provides a monthly income to those who need it.It offers a scalable set of benefits.With Social Security,you are permitted to retire and claim benefits as early as age 62.It offers minimums for qualified individuals.It allows spouses to collect benefits.It provides a tax-free benefit to many people.

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