notch effect on fatigue strength reduction of bearing

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Jan 16,2014·Akiniwa,Y,Miyamoto,N,Tsuru,H (2006) Notch effect on fatigue strength reduction of bearing steel in the very high cycle regime.International Journal of Fatigue 28 1555 1565.Google Scholar Crossref ISIAuthor Manuela SanderPublish Year 2018A review on mechanisms and models for very-high-cycle Murakami Y,Kodama S,Konuma S.1989.Quantitative evaluation of effects of non-metallic inclusions on fatigue strength of high strength steels.I Basic fatigue mechanism and evaluation of correlation between the fatigue fracture stress and the size and location of non-metallic inclusions.International Journal of Fatigue,11 291-298.

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Dec 05,2015·While the zinc layer presence has only a slight effect on static strength behavior of steel (except for the yield stress),under cyclic loading conditions,it frequently results in the fatigue strength reduction of high-strength steels with no stress raisers or geometrical discontinuities,as described in .Here it was found that the fatigue strength is generally correlated with the coating thickness,whereas the fatigueEffect of notch geometry on the fatigue strength and Oct 18,2017·The results indicate that the notch with small radius can significantly lead to high stress concentration and greatly reduce the HCF strength,while the notch angle and notch depth can affect the HCF strength to a certain extent.Enhanced Fatigue Strength of Commercially Pure Ti AbstractIntroductionExperimental ProcedureResults and DiscussionConclusionsAcknowledgmentsFully reversed bending fatigue tests were performed on polished hour-glass specimens of commercially pure titanium grade 1 with three different grain sizes,that were produced by severe plastic deformation (rotary swaging) and subheat treatments,in order to examine the effect of grain size on fatigue.An improvement in fatigue strength was observed,as the polycrystal grain size was refined.The endurance limit stress was shown to depend on the inverse square root of the grain size as described empirically bSee more on hindawiFatigue crack propagation behaviour derived from SN data The crack propagation law was derived from the S-N data in the very high cycle fatigue of a bearing steel.The propagation rate,da/dN (m/cycle),of surface cracks was estimated to be a power function of the stress intensity range,K (MPam) with the coefficient C s = 5.87 x 10- 13 and the exponent m s = 4.78.The threshold stress intensity range was 2.6MPam.The crack propagation from

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Fatigue FATIGUE FAILURES OCCUR due to the application of uctuating stresses that are much lower than the stress required to cause failure during a single application of stress.It has been estimated that fatigue contributes to approxi-mately 90% of all mechanical service failures.Fatigue is a problem that can affect any part or component Fatigue and Corrosion Fatigue Properties of Alloys 625 In the fatigue tests,cyclic loading was obtained by applying a constant,deadweight load at the bearing end of the specimen while rotating at 1750 rpm.The maximum,nominal reversed stress was calculated from the applied deadweight load and the dimensions of the specimens,disregarding notch effects.Fatigue of structural adhesives under stress ·[4-61] Lai,J.; et al.The fatigue limit of bearing steels Part I - A pragmatic approach to predict very high cycle fatigue strength.In Intern.J.Fatigue (38),2012,pp.155168 Google Scholar

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The traditional Goodman analysis may be employed to assess bolt safety in a particular joint assembly.Failure is most likely in the exposed threads close to the nut face where a stress concentration factor K f models the damaging effect of the thread root notch.A rolled thread is less prone than a cut thread to fatigue damage,due to better grain orientation and surface work hardening Impact of Notch Geometry on the Pressure Bearingnotch geometry on the fatigue life of high strength and low strength steels.The results showed that the notch geometry has profound effect on fatigue life of a shaft .Three types ofMaterials Free Full-Text High Cycle Fatigue In additive manufacturing,the variation of the fabrication process parameters influences the mechanical properties of a material such as tensile strength,impact toughness,hardness,fatigue strength,and so forth,but fatigue testing of metals fabricated with all different sets of process parameters is a very expensive and time-consuming process.Therefore,the nominal process parameters by

Notch effect on fatigue strength reduction of bearing

·Blunt-notch significantly reduced the fatigue property in the high cycle and very high cycle regimes compared with that of smooth specimens.Very High Cycle Fatigue Properties of Ferritic-Pearlitic Mar 14,2020·By the data on the fatigue limit,the fatigue strength reduction factor K f amounts to 1.73 and 1.67 for the unnotched and notched specimens,respectively.The value of this factor approaches the elastic stress concentration factor (1.8),which may be associated with the relatively large notch radius [ 14 ].

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